Our values are best demonstrated in our original approach to the work we do; there those values are put into practice every day.

  • Knowing what to do: our people are experienced, technically competent and fully capable of handling the various situations that occur from day to day.
  • Punctuality and professionalism: we know that our most important goal, customer satisfaction, can only be achieved by meeting deadlines in a professional and transparent manner.
  • Putting ourselves in your shoes: solving problems, relieving you of worries, taking the same care you would take. That's why the dependability of our staff is such an essential element.
  • Curious, keen to learn and hungry for the latest discoveries.
  • Personal relationship: as we see it, work is not only the exercise of professional competence, but also a way of relating to people. We never underestimate the human side, the personal contribution to the handling of all kinds of situation and the search for increasingly effective solutions. That, to us, is added value.
  • Flexibility: we bend, we don’t break. Being flexible also means being available, being open: key factors in building a collaborative relationship that goes beyond mechanical dealings between provider and customer.
  • Finally, common sense! To all these values we add common sense; indeed, at FSI we try never to forget it.




Via Assunta, 61 - Building D
(angolo Via La Malfa)
20834 - Nova Milanese (MB)
Ph. +39 0362 41125
Fax +39 0362 459641

Office in Bologna

Bologna Interporto - Building 4.3 Sud
40010 - Bentivoglio (BO)
Ph. +39 051 6651890
Fax +39 051 6655091

Office in Roma

Piazza Fernando De Lucia 37
00139 Roma 
Ph. +39 06 88399307

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