Milan – 7 April 2017 – FSI, active in the facility & energy management sector since 2009, has been selected by the Financial Times in its report that compares 50,000 Italian and European companies, taking into account different criteria of company growth until the final reporting of 1,000 companies. FSI, directed by the President Alessandro Belloni and the managing director Rocco Ruggiero, got the 1st place in Italy in the property sector and 422th place in Europe - A result obtained thanks to a great attention to the needs of the stakeholders, and to a direct approach with the customers built on collaboration and a long-term loyalty.

An Anglo-Saxon management training, a smart organization, innovation and availability to offer a wider range of services, has made possible the success of FSI, which, according to the Financial Times reports, has a volume of incremental turnover generated in the three years of reference with an increase of 271% (+ 9.874 million from 2012 to 2015) in the property sector where the facility management is positioned. The lines of business that in recent years have helped to expand the supply area – that make the group so competitive on the market - are the general contracting, developed within FSI from 2014, the civil works line and green areas maintenance, developed through the associated VME which joined the FSI group in 2014, the energy management line developed through ECO2ZONE, born in 2015, which concretizes the values ​​of sustainability and innovation that have always accompanied FSI in its mission and finally the soft facilities management line, implemented in RECLEAN, integrated into the group at the end of 2016 as a mixed cooperative of services and work. These acquisitions and operations on the market have represented the key to this first prestigious success, achieved through the great commitment and work of over 200 employees worldwide in the various locations in Italy (Nova Milanese, Rome and Bologna), in Europe ( Spain, UK) to the Middle East (KSA).

On 24 April 2017, the ranking will be published in the Financial Times paper edition, in a dedicated report entitled "FT1000: Europe's fastest-growing companies".

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