We assist you, the client, in a dynamic and collaborative way, so you can concentrate on your core activities.

FSI’s staff are guaranteed to be experienced and reliable, capable of tackling and solving the various problems that can arise day in, day out.

Our focus on innovative research keeps us abreast of the latest technology and equips us with a wide range of tools for responding effectively to any kind of requirement.

Another of our strengths is the flexibility that builds a real partnership with the client, going far beyond   the merely mechanical customer-provider relationship.

Our clients are guaranteed precise real-time monitoring of our activities and full details of their assets at all times through the internationally-recognized management platform EAM (Enterprise Asset Management). This cutting-edge IT solution provides:

  • a web-based system with a central control point for all activity:

an organized repository of corporate management know-how and a systematic inventory of every asset or item of equipment and its history;

  • statutory controls and official documentation:

the system automatically generates control, verification and inspection schedules according to established Cyclic Planning rules, and automatically flags up statutory and regulatory deadlines for such checks, controls and inspections;

  • the reporting system we offer is highly flexible:

as well as dozens of ready-to-use report formats, we can also tailor reports to the customer’s specific monitoring needs;

  • a registry that is complete, ordered and kept constantly up to date:

making it easy and intuitive to get information. Searches can be carried out using a branching hierarchy based on the building’s characteristics, its physical location, and the structure of its floors and rooms;

  • planning, monitoring and improvement:

the system allows activities to be planned on an annual basis and customized in terms of special skills, workloads, etc. to optimize the whole process. A custom ScoreBoard & KPI template can be devised, giving summary information on:

    • technical aspects of maintenance and support;
    • profitability aspects such as productivity and quality;
    • financial aspects (as they apply to the service);
    • aspects relating to service performance.



Headquarters & Registered Office

Via Assunta, 61 - Building D
(angolo Via La Malfa)
20834 - Nova Milanese (MB)
Ph. +39 0362 41125
Fax +39 0362 459641

Verona office

Via T. A. Edison, 41

37135 - Verona (VR)

Bologna office

Bologna Interporto - Building 4.3 Sud
40010 - Bentivoglio (BO)
Ph. +39 051 6651890
Fax +39 051 6655091

Rome office

Via Adriano Olivetti, 24
00131 - Roma 

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